Weekly Playlist: Current Rotation #2

Weekly Playlist: Current Rotation #2

Jun 01, 2019 Bookmark and Share

1. “Kicked In” [2019 Acoustic] – Superchunk. Acoustic Foolish. Ok, so I’m not going to pretend I really know Superchunk, because I don’t. The first time I heard this track was on a Death Cab for Cutie cover and now it was just released on a complete acoustic re-recording of their classic 1994 album, Foolish. So, I still haven’t absorbed the original recording…That’s criminal.

2. “Into Happiness” – Phantogram. Single. A return to what Phantogram does best. Just belt out those electro-funk anthems like nobody’s business and we’ll all be very happy. This one gets your heart soaring…It doesn’t hurt that I also have a crush on Sarah Barthel.

3. “Aphotic Waters” – Diamond Thug. Gaiafy EP.  Listeners – what do you think of this transition into Diamond Thugs? It’s almost like an earlier, demo version of Phantogram. This is not an insult.

4. “Love Crimes” – Hayden Thorpe. Diviner. It’s always nice when after a band break-up, you’ve temporarily forgotten about someone’s music and then see them pop back up with a solo treasure. Hayden Thorpe’s return post-Wild Beasts makes you realize how much you missed his voice.

5. “Love Yourself” – Sufjan Stevens. Love Yourself / With All My Heart EP. What can you say about Sufjan Stevens? He’s a beautiful freak, alien, angel.

6. “Quiet Children” – Eluvium. Pianoworks. Compositions like this make me posit the entirely irrational and unfounded theory that music was only meant to come from a piano.

7. “Pygmy” Flying Lotus. Flamagra. Flying…

8. “All Spies” Flying Lotus. Flamagra. …Lotus

9. “No Sleep” – Skepta. Ignorance is BlissDuke has flow…and I love the no-fuss bop of this beat.

10. “Wandering Feeling” – Rose City Band. S/T. I don’t know much about how this came together, other than the vague Wooden Shjips/Moon Duo psych-folk reference ….Oh ok, it was produced by Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo), which would explain how effortlessly timeless it is.

11. “Glasgow Coma State” – Gnoomes. Mu!. Speaking of Moon Duo, the space jam to end this song reminds me of a psych-folk mash-up of them and Lower Dens. Great…and it has Glasgow in the title.

12. “Tinfoil” – Pip Blom. Boat. (that was funny to write) Nice discovery from Amsterdam (I didn’t discover it). This track is a sludgier alternative to the brighter beach-pop-punk on the rest of the record – and a really nice counterweight.

13.  “act surprised” – Sebadoh. Act Surprised. Another band I don’t know a ton about, and I’m a self-proclaimed ‘90s indie rock enthusiast….I guess falsely. Well, I’m definitely deep diving now.

14. “The Conversation” – Sacred Paws – Run Around the Sun. Sacred Paws is leaning full tilt into their debut LP and you just gotta go along. Amazing guitar play throughout. Big-up Rock Action/Mogwai/Glasgow.

15. “Marigolds” – Kishi Bashi. Omoiyari. Where on earth did this record come from? This was my favorite discovery from the list. Unflinchingly bold.